Connection – Potential – Rewards

Making a good Connection 

creates Potential 

for great Rewards

I have had the good fortune to learn from leaders in the world of people coaching. I have found my own ideas/styles emerging as I add my own experience and knowledge into the recipe that I have gained from these awesome influences.

Of late my perspective on how we get to a place with another person where we more easily see rewards and results has brought me to the following formula which is an adaptation of something I learned.

Essentially what I find is that where I can build a strong CONNECTION with someone it builds POTENTIAL that more easily generates REWARDS (or results).

I need to make time to make a connection where I can better understand the person I am working with. This doesn’t mean you have to become friends with them but rather know what is important to them, what drives them and where their own personality might be a factor in you both getting a good result.

I find that out of this good people connection I see potential emerge.  Potential being the good will, energy, space….whatever you want to call that knowledge that you and the other person share on how you will work together. 

Of course in every connection we make with other people we always have an expectation of some sort of reward, or result. It’s why we engage in relationship with people in the first place. What I find is that once we have the connection and established potential we can get to action on getting to that reward. Without the established potential, we can’t get to the reward and without the connection we don’t even know what is potential is possible.

Bottom Line……
Make time to build solid connections. Maintain a steady state of monitoring/tracking on the potential that exists in that connection and build stronger connections where potential is falling short. Only move to action and achieving your rewards and results when you can build on the work you have done.