Temporary Disruption from Normal

Covid-19 measures imposed upon society are not normal and they are not a new normal.

There are certainly elements of how some of us work (distributed teams, virtual environments) and how we engage in commerce (online pre-order or delivery) that could become normal but this is not normal.

This is a temporary disruption of normal.

Calling it the new normal discounts those of us struggling to cope or are fearful that it will take too long or craving things we need for our mental health that we cannot have.

Humanity has faced sickness before with spikes in mortality but how we function during the outbreak is not a new normal. How we emerge from it, is another thing all together.

I agree and encourage people to find elements of normalcy in our day to day routines. It can be soothing to have something flow normally in the day, like it did before the outbreak.  It doesn’t have to be every task or engagement but scattered throughout the day it’s good to cherish those elements of normalcy that we have managed to preserve, despite the Covid-19 outbreak.

So please, stop saying this is the new normal, it is not. We are in the midst of a temporary disruption of normal and humanity shall emerge from this time victorious.