Defining quality with our workforce

In the past the distributed worker often struggled with management who couldn’t see them “working”.  The Covid19 pandemic response, with many working away from the office, challenged this discomfort like never before.

Management (executives, managers, supervisors, etc) had to quickly figure out how they would monitor their employee performance.

Here is an idea, how about management and the workforce jointly define what a quality outcome of work is, before we start our work.

Some suggestions for the process:

Let the worker share’s there perspective on what they think first.

  1. What does good quality output look like?
  2. What does bad quality look like?
  3. What does an output that was rushed or with corners cut look like?
  4. What does a result where communication problems or misunderstandings occured look like?

Then, after your worker has shared their perspective on these questions, the management shares any that were missed and they reach a consensus on how they will monitor progress to these standards of output and set timelines.

No more micro managing how many minutes were worked in a day, focus on quality outputs.

Obviously this doesn’t work for everyone but I like to think it might work for someone.