Ode to the cranky man

When you wake up in the morning, do you plan to change the world but were foiled by your arch-rival? Is that is why you complain so much?

While you waited in line for coffee were you planning to pay it forward and buy a hundred people their coffees but alas your nemesis had stolen your wallet in a skirmish where you saved an old lady, her puppy and her purse? Is that why you grumble about your first world problems whilst your consumption habits pass on mere pennies to the people in the world who were part of their production?

When you sat down for lunch had you intended to resolve climate change, once and for all, but alas evil villains sabotaged your plans again undoing months of work? Is that why you instead went on-line and spewed negative comments adding to the growing cloud of negativity?

On your bus ride home were your efforts to resolve hunger, poverty and fair trade thwarted by a band of mutant spiders? Is that why you didn’t share your seat and scowled at anyone who looked to you?

As you sat down for an evening of entertainment on your screens were you disappointed by the lack of support provided by your friends to save the planet under your awesome leadership and dedication? Is that why you spent the evening feeling sorry for yourself and plotting ways how tomorrow you would pass along your misery to others?

Cranky man, I feel sorry for you and I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Cranky man, you are awesome in how you can, from your comfy cozy safe place, actually do amazing things for people all over the world through your actions, words, sharing and support.

Maybe tomorrow through your selfless endeavours you will change the world for the better, pay it forward, resolve climate change, hunger, poverty and fair trade thereby saving the planet.

Or maybe you will just spend the day feeling sorry for yourself, again.