Get your lottery tickets for life

The odds of winning a million dollar lottery are next to impossible yet many people play them. What I find interesting is the conversations amongst people discussing the lottery and the potential of winning.

“What would you do if you won?”  is a common question and the responses vary so much.

What I find most interesting is the common theme, beyond living a more expensive lifestyle, is the statements regarding people doing “what they really want to do” with their life.

We judge ourselves by the people we see and wish we were. The hope for lottery winnings give some people hope that they could conquer their situation and exceed all those in their envious gaze.

We desire to do, and be, something that we are not, and yet we do not strive to actually change ourselves, our plans and our actions to achieve those goals. We instead leave that vista of success up to chance. 

I believe our first step to taking back control of our destiny is gaining control of our time. Honestly, this is not a step but a whole category unto itself. We need to evaluate our

  • entertainment time, 
  • our complaining time, 
  • our time spent earning money that goes into trivial pleasures that evaporate a thousand times faster than the time it took to earn the money to pay for them, 
  • our time spent dreaming about change but not taking even the tiniest step towards that change, 
  • our time spent trying “easy” and “free” solutions to achieving our change and 
  • our time spent with those people, organization, situations that build us up so that we can build on the change we want to be.

Who or what are the places/things/people where you need to spend time building up your strength for change?