creating makes me feel good | I AM A MAKER

As I work on the creative process for writing, photography or videography I feel good.

It’s a goodness that includes elements of happiness, satisfaction, peace, wellness and growth.

As I complete the task I also have a sense of pride, and I am learning not to expect perfection because there is no such thing.

I have come to realize that  making my things is what matters to me. It is what helps me to grow and develop. Sharing my made things helps others grow, develop and experience the world differently.

My day job is in management, managing teams of developers in computer systems application development to be more precise, and my job has its rewards but it cannot compare to the feeling I get when I am engaged in a creative process.

When I first started to paint, acrylic on canvas, I remember thinking I should have some specific purpose, techniques and structure in mind but I was a new artist with no training, skills or talent. I struggled to give myself the freedom do just paint. Eventually I did not think about perfection or audience but rather I let myself go into the work.

It’s still not easy. The medium doesn’t always do what my mind desires, either because of my lack of skill or the limitations of the media. Still, I am very glad that I continue to try to make time for my art forms.

I make stuff, because it makes me feel good, and sometimes it makes others feel good too.

I am a maker.