Got in a street fight – Film Short Concept

Scene captured in a news report detailing all of the steps including screen shots of stories, interviews with people on the street, interviews with experts on anonymity.
an anonymous author begins to publish short stories
these stories expose the problematic underpinnings of society including which companies, people and systems are at the heart of the problems
the stories begin to go viral
the stories begin to pin-point solutions such that the common man can take action, and they do.
the public is posting videos showing how they tested the ideas in the stories and proved it true
the author calls for the common people who do not want to take action to instead hold boycotts
Scene captured in boardroom with executives sitting around angrily discussing the impact and then they call someone on the speakerphone.
when the boycotts start to be super successful the elite are not amused and ask their friends in government to expose and shut down this trouble maker
Scene captured in an office at a law enforcement agency where the a manager hangs up the phone and has a conversation with someone about the case.
they cannot find the author due to the software being used. so they go to the web sites that host the stories and host, after host is requested to shutdown their site but they continue to pop up in new places until they finally get hosted by non compliant host and don’t get taken down.
the authorities decide to create a fake author to rise and take claim for the stories, hoping to draw the original author out.  They realize that they cannot use an actor as he may be recognized but instead they use an agent who they can put a disguise on.
Scene captured at a public building. We see plain clothed officers going in. We see the hacker seeing them going in and snapping a picture. We see the makup and disguise being applied. We see the hacker making the connection and flashing back to his incident to snap out of it and send a message to this friends. We switch to scenes of young men searching up information on the agent. frantically copying it and posting to paste bin as well as notifying the media who start to get it on their smart phones while they are at the press conference and actually ask him about it during their question period.
a federal agent is disguised and brought out as the author and begins to apologize for causing unrest and for “making up” the information and that it is not true.
but a hacker recognizes the agent in moments before appearing to speaking entering a building without a disguise.  it is an agent that once busted him as a teen for finding a sloppy atm setup.
the hacker then spreads the word with his hacker network and they coordinate one big release of the information revealing the fake within hours of the new conference where he brought out.
Scene at a family dinner table about the anonymous author and the amazing posts.
Dad makes statement about how this guy is a real leader for the country. Daughter takes exception to her Dad thinking its a guy.
throughout the story we have been following a family talking about the author’s posts at their dinner table and with their friends and the story seems to be implying that the husband is the one posting the information.
Scene takes place in agent’s office. Use whiteboard to visualize the data storage.
time between the posts starts to increase but the amount of information increases too as does the methods to take action.
the depth of the articles research catchs the attention of one computer scientist on the agents team.
then, the government decides that they need to increase the spying on regular citizens by scanning for keywords, blobs of encrypted data and building a massive data store that might find the research being done prior to the posting.
Scene takes place in a car en route to the suspects home and then at the door. Agents enter the home and they confirm its cooicdence.
first a false alarm to someone who coincidentally was writing a paper for school on the same issue.
Agent office.
and then it works, they are able to track an IP of someone who researched information on both the stories. they are 2 hours away from their location and decide not to involve local law enforcement other than at the scene.
but the computer science guy is asked to scan a document with comments that explains the elite plans to crush her in public as a fraud without ever showing her side of the story to squash the public ramblins when he knows she has been uncovering the truth. He hims and haws but in the end he decides that the public needs to know who she is and so he calls a friend who shares it with hackers, the media and social interest groups and they rally at a simple bungalow.
Author’s home outside
people start to arrive but stay back thinking that they have been duped until moments later the police and agents arrive.
Agent’s Office
He decides that she deserves a second chance and so he gets a message by calling his friend again to her to say that agents are coming and she needs to erase all her research and evidence that links her to the posts.
Author’s home inside
and she does, including the stories she is working on which copies to a USB stick and drops down a heat vent moments before the police break in and she is hauled away.
Author’s home outside
the police haul her out in cuffs and they pause outside the door when they encounter the mass of people and media.  She is caught for a moment in awe. The people around her are just regular people.   She shouts out ”I am nobody special, just a partner to my husband, a mom to my children and someone who gives a damn about how the world should work!”  she is lead away to a waiting unmarked agent car and you can see offices removing her computer equipment.
TV News item follow
In the weeks that followed the government was able to prove no charges against Christine, she was just an average person involved in her community and they could prove no intent of any kind other than to share ideas.
Christine was encouraged  to lay low and so her posts haven’t been back on the internet, but many other average every day people are sharing information and taking action and maybe things can change for the little guy.
Quote before credits:
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.