One of my many concerns for future generations is the future of public parks.

Firstly, I firmly believe that shared spaces where all can partake in nature is a right that must continue to be elevated and supported by all levels of government and the public.

Secondly, I believe that governments have an obligation to increase the area and quantity of the parks, as well as the capacity for utilization, as populations increase.

Thirdly, I do not believe that private citizens have a right to own (or lifetime lease) property inside of these parks and therefore governments should cease the selling or long term leasing in these same parks to private individuals. Where the demand exists, but not the government capacity, for roofed accommodations then long term leasing for commercial accommodations is perhaps reasonable. However, I question that a private enterprise could deliver a profitable accommodation service where a government could not deliver a service without profit.

Last, but not least, I believe that public parks are a most excellent spot for the deliver of public education regarding the preservation of the environment.  What better place, than among the elements of nature,  to learn about nature and our human interaction with it.

For me, in the region where I live, I have seen far too much property within public parks being handed over to private citizens for cottages/cabins.   I worry that money and influence are being used to take away public resources that should be shared, never to be returned.

Like many other public resources, is the will of the politician ever in a place where this is possible for the common good?